paving stones

Paving Stones

From driveways and walkways, to patios and steps, paving stones are the perfect material to bring any hardscape design to life. No hardscape design has to be alike. Traditional Herringbone, Running Bond, or random patterns can be used on practically any project.

Circles, fans or partial circles are other design patterns that can be used in a hardscape project. Each design has unique characteristics that help enable hardscapes to become truly everlasting.

Both wall stone and pavers can be combined to create raised hardscapes or even multilayered hardscapes with incorporated stairs. The combination of walls, stairs and patios can help create a remarkable design.

Don't forget waterfalls either. Utilizing pavers or natural stone (sometimes even both), a waterfall will add natural beauty to any design. Even on their own, waterfalls are an incredible sight that will really define every hardscape.

Enviro products are also available and are becoming increasingly more popular. Ecological pavers are designed to help with storm water management, that stabilization of soil, and help promote vegetation growth.